When you walk into the heart of the park, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Dense vegetation clings to every surface and trees are draped with orchid, ferns and creepers. Insects, lizards and squirrel dash up and down the tree trunks and butterflies, dragonflies burst of color as they glide by.

The 480 meter long “Mulu Canopy Skywalk” which is the world’s longest tree based canopy walk takes you up in the towering trees where the forest pulses with life, among vivid butterflies, huge insects and lush ferns.

From your lofty perch, you can spot the far more intense trail that leads to the 2,376 m Mount Mulu, the park’s signature landmark. As you walk among the ferns and vines 15 – 25 metres above the forest floor and river you will enjoy this unique opportunity to get closer to the rainforest ‘web of life’. Just beneath the skywalk, you can spot the shallow ‘Paku River’ with its freshwater inhabitants.

Instead of that, other forest activities are “Tree Top Tower”. Soaring into the treetops like one of the nearby massive trees this 30 meter tower and bird hide gives you the chance to ‘spy’ on squirrels arguing over their territory; to watch macaques and hornbills attracted by the seasonal figs and observe a large number of canopy dwelling birds.

The hide designed for you to comfortably and quietly wait for passing wildlife without them being aware that you watching.

Learn from the locals on a ‘Plants for Life Walk’ where they will show you that tastes good and what cures sickness.