Ever since the 1930’s the rich rainforest of the Mulu area has attracted scientists. Every expedition seems to discover something new – a plant or animal species previously unknown to man, animal patterns, an unearthed a mountain of scientific facts, they have barely ‘scratched the surface’ of Mulu bio-diversity. However, this ‘barely scratched surface’ includes an impressive array of plants and animals.

The park contains 8 different types of forest – including peat swamp, health and mixed dipterocarp, moss forest and stunted upper montage vegetation – and thousands of species ferns, fungi, mosses, and flowering plants including 170 species of wild orchid and 10 species of pitcher plant. Mulu’s wildlife is equally impressive and includes 75 species of mammals, 262 species of birds (including the eight species of hornbill found in Sarawak), 74 species of frogs, 47 species of fish, 281 species of butterflies and 458 species of ants.