Show Caves & Activities - Adventure Caving

After seeing the show caves, visitors often want to see more of Mulu’s vast cave system. To cater for this demand and satisfy the curious, the National Park Department has identified a number of sites that are suitable for adventure caving trips. Although these sites involve varying degrees of difficulty, visitors should bear in mind that all adventure caving requires a reasonable level of both physical and mental fitness.

Adventure caving is a whole lot of fun. An expedition at Mulu often involves wading across rivers or streams, squeezing in between rocks and crevices, swimming through undergrounds Rivers and, of course, getting covered in dirt. Some of Mulu’s caving trips required knowledge of technical rope work. (e.g. Single Rope Technique or SRT) as Abseiling and climbing are involved.

Most adventure caving expeditions are fully day trips, and some involve overnight stays at jungle camp. Adventure caving trips can be arranged at the park HQ or by tour companies who operated Mulu packages.

Lagang Cave

Venture of “Lagang Cave” (easy) path to explore an ancient river passage.

This is a beautiful cave with many stalactites, stalagmites and wonderful examples of cave sediments. Equipped with helmets and torches you scramble over boulders and along ancient rivers beds. Experience the thrill of seeing this underground world by torchlight and the anticipation of what is around the next dark corner.

There is no climbing in this cave which makes this is a great adventure, ideal for family groups.

Racer Cave

In “Racer Cave” (intermediate) you clamber up and down passageways using ropes. See racer snakes catch a meal of bats as they fly past.

Your Guide leads you through the cave climbing up and down the passageways with the aid of ropes. This cave requires some upper body strength but most people are successful. Enjoy the great feeling that comes with discovering your abilities and meeting a physical challenge.

Animal life in this dark place will amaze you; see insects that have evolved with curious shapes, replacing vision with long feelers to navigate in this underground world and Racer Snakes that have learned how to catch a meal as it flies past.

Clearwater Connection

“Clearwater Connection” (advanced) is a ‘wild’ journey over boulders and through squeezes but ands in the underground river. A refreshing end to a day of hard caving

Clearwater Connection is a 4.8km long trip and takes 6 to 8 hours to complete.

Beginning in the show cave section of the Cave of the Winds adventurers leave the tame pathways behind and venture into the 'wild' chambers over rugged terrain strewn with boulders that requires some climbing up then clambering down muddy slopes and swimming back and forth across the underground river.

Sarawak Chamber

“Sarawak Chamber” (advanced) a challenge of 10 – 15 hours the rainforest and up a river passage to the entrance of the world’s largest chamber.

Sarawak Chamber is a challenging trek even for fit and experienced cavers. Taking one very full day, beginning at 6.30 am at the Park HQ Office you will follow the Summit Trail for about 3 hours to reach the entrance to Good Luck Cave. Access to the chamber takes about 3 hours along a 800 metre river channel with sheer rock faces rising to about 50 metres on either side.